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Operation RoundUP

Operation RoundUP is a Jackson Energy program that gives individuals like yourself the opportunity to improve their community. It is people helping people – people like you providing a small contribution each month that will fund grants for civic organizations, volunteer fire departments and many other groups.


How does it work? Operation RoundUP is funded solely by Jackson Energy members who voluntarily choose to round their electric bill to the next highest dollar amount. The extra money, which averages around 50 cents a month, is applied to the Operation RoundUP fund. For example, if your total bill is $74.62, your bill would be rounded up to $75 with the extra 38 cents going to Operation RoundUP. Each month, the amount donated may range from one penny to 99 cents, with a maximum of $11.88, per year and is tax deductible. You can also make one-time donations by visiting your local office, or calling 800-262-7480 and letting a Member Services Representative know that you want to make the one-time donation to the Operation RoundUP fund.

How it the money administered?  Operation RoundUP is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees who represent the seven primary counties served by Jackson Energy. The trustees operate independently from Jackson Energy Cooperative Board of Directors. The trustees receive and evaluate grant applications on a quarterly basis. 

The members of the Jackson Energy Cooperative Operation RoundUP board include:

Clay County:                       Dr. Joyce Bowling     606-599-5706

Estill County:                      Robert "Beatle" Lisle 606-723-3983

Jackson County:                 Rodney Chrisman       606-287-7449

Laurel County:                    Jerry McDaniel           606-843-6824  

Lee County:                        Linda Gray                  606-464-8164

Owsley County:                  Travis Smith                606-594-4209

Rockcastle County:             John McQueary          606-308-2740

*Feel free to reach out to your county's board member regarding Operation RoundUP ONLY.


Who can apply?  Anyone who has a worthwhile community project can apply, but the project must demonstrate a clear benefit to the local community. Some projects might include life safety and rescue equipment for local fire departments, handicapped equipment or facilities or improvements to community services. If you would like to apply for a grant, please click the following link:   RoundUp Grant Application 
The application deadline for the next meeting is December 23, 2019.

My account is on budget Billing, can I still participate in the program?

Yes, the rounded up amount will be calculated from your actual billed amount, not the budget amount.


My account is on prepay, can I still participate in the program?

Yes, each month there is a one-time adjustment for fees such as the customer service charge, fuel charge, environmental surcharge, etc. and the prepay amount would be added only on that day.


How do I sign up? Just complete the information below and click submit and we will take care of the rest.  You will see a line on your next electric bill called RoundUP contribution. If you have questions, please call  800-262-7480.


2018-2019 Operation RoundUp grant recipients

4-H Programs: Lee, Laurel, Estill, Rockcastle, Jackson, Clay, Owsley

Adult Education Programs: Owsley, Laurel, Jackson

Project Prom: Lee, Owsley

Lee County Sheriff's Department

Laurel County Life Center

Owsley County Schools Archery Team

Estill County Schools Community Excellence

Jackson County Farmers Market

Faith Christian Camp

Resurrection Home

Kentucky Mountain Mission

Lee County Diabetes Coalition

Emma Quire Mission Center

American Legion - Veteran's Memorial (Rockcastle)

Dark Honey Producers

Lee County Readifest

Youth Sports, Inc.

Estill Action Group

Rockcastle Arts Association

Clay County Emergency Management

Stay in Clay

Fogertown Fire Department

Gray Hawk Fire Department

McKee Fire Department

Pond Creek Fire Department

Sand Gap Fire Department

Beattyville Fire Department

Beattyville-Lee County Tourism Commission

Jackson County Kiwanis Club

Kentucky River Park & Recreation Area Board

Cumberland Valley FOP

Lee County Skills U

Owsley County Family Resource Center

Owsley County Skills U

Brodhead Elementary Family Resource Center

Climax Fire Department

RCMS Youth Service Center

Hospice Care Plus

Lee County Family Resource Center

Goose Rock Elementary School

Lee County  Volunteer Fire Department

Cumberland River Behavioral Health

Jackson County Loan Closet

Brodhead Elementary Parent Teacher Group