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JEC's Clear Zone provides safe, reliable power


Southeastern Kentucky is known for its natural beauty, including an abundance of trees and the Daniel Boone National Forest. We appreciate the shaded canopies and fall foliage and learn to live with the occasional tree across the road or fallen tree limbs.

Jackson Energy works to maintain reliable electric service in the mostly rural area. The cooperative’s right-of-way program includes clearing trees and vegetation to keep the lights on for more than 51,000 homes and businesses.

“This summer’s rainfall may have resulted in a heavy growth for trees and vegetation in our area,” said Jackson Energy Right of Way Manager Eric Glovier. “If you see something that is not at a safe distance, please contact us at 1 800-262-7480. ”

Follow these safety tips and be sure to pay attention to power lines:

  • Jackson Energy Cooperative asks that all members monitor the trees on their property and notify the cooperative if there are trees touching power lines, or if you are concerned about your trees growing into power lines.
  • If you are planning on removing trees that are close to our primary overhead lines, please contact our office and we will assist you.
  • Make sure to always look for nearby power lines before you cut down any tree or trim branches. If a tree falls into a power line, contact Jackson Energy.
  • Treat all power lines as energized. Never climb or attempt to handle a tree that has a limb caught in a power line. You may not see any visible evidence that the tree is “electrified” or dangerous.
  • If you are planning to plant trees on your property, make sure not to plant them directly under or within at least 25 feet of power lines for short tees, and at least 40 feet away for medium-sized trees.
  • Do not allow children to climb trees or build tree houses close to power lines.