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JEC employees donate to Ronald McDonald House

Being away from home with a sick child in a hospital can be stressful in many ways - worrying about your child, staying healthy yourself, where to stay and the expense of staying away from home. Jackson Energy employees took part in a donation drive with 15 other cooperatives in the East Kentucky Power system to help support the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington. Employees contributed donated items from the Ronald McDonald House Wish List - which included items like paper towels, laundry detergent, snacks and even copy paper - as well as gift cards and cash.

"This was an opportunity for us to help families from our service area," says Sandy Painter, JEC Vice President of Member Services, who helped coordinate the drive. "We had families from almost all of the counties we serve stay at the Lexington Ronald McDonald House last year. This will help make the stay away from home during a difficult time a little easier for families we serve."

The items will be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington later this month.

JEC's Vice President of Member Services Sandy Painter tallies the items donated by Jackson Energy employees to the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington.