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Giving back to the Ronald McDonald House

Jackson Energy is collecting supplies for the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington during the month of July and we have a very special reason for supporting the good works they do at the house.

Items can be donated at any Jackson Energy office and include staples such as paper towels, breakfast bars, cleaning supplies and trash bags... Jackson Energy’s Marlon Coffey and his family know all about the good works done by the staff at the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington. They spent 68 nights at the house when their youngest daughter Maizley was born last November with medical complications.

Carla, Marlon’s wife, said the umbilical cord was wrapped around Maizley’s neck when she was born and she had been deprived of oxygen. Also, there was no amniotic fluid during the birth. “The doctors didn’t think she would live,” Carla said, and because she had been deprived of oxygen, they told the family there might be brain damage.

Thankfully, today, Maizley is doing well and doing all the tasks a baby should do at her age. The family spent weeks in Lexington while Maizley was in the hospital and most of that time was spent staying at the Ronald McDonald House. “It was the best blessing,” Carla said. “They provide everything – three meals a day, a place to stay, transportation back and forth to the hospital. They even provided gifts to Marley (their other daughter) at Christmas.” Jackson Energy members can help support the Ronald McDonald House during the month of July as part of Kentucky Touchstone Energy’s “Give a Smile” campaign.