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Crews continue repairs from snowstorm damage

Friday morning update

All storm outages were repaired Thursday evening and extra crews were released. A heartfelt thank you to the crews who assisted with repairs and another heartfelt thank you to Jackson Energy members for their patience and understanding while we restored electric service from the storm damage.

Thursday morning update

Storm update... The number of Jackson Energy members without power from Monday's storm damage is down to 445. 358 members are in Estill County and 83 are in Lee County. We have 59 outage locations to repair from the storm damage and will continue doing what we do, restoring power to our members. Extra crews are still assisting. We know those of you who are without power are more than ready to get the lights back on and we're working to make that happen. 

Wednesday morning update

At 6:30 this morning 1558 members were without power. Crews have 188 outage locations to repair and five additional crews - four from Elliott and one from Owen Electric - will be assisting with repairs this morning. The majority of the outages remain in Estill, with 1043 members, and Lee, at 357. The remainder of the outages are scattered across the northern part of the Jackson Energy service territory. 

Tuesday morning update

At 6:30 this morning there are just under 4,000 members without power. Yesterday morning, we had over 10,000 members without power. We have 1810 members are in Estill County, which was hardest hit by the snowstorm. 895 are located in Lee. 581 in Rockcastle County. 292 in Jackson and 262 in Owsley County. The rest are mainly scattered across other counties.

Additional crews are arriving today to assist with restoration and we will restore power as quickly and safely as possible. We as for your continued patience and understanding as our crews work to repair the damage from this major snowstorm.

The early Monday morning snowstorm left widespread outages in the northern part of the Jackson Energy service territory. At one time, more than 10,000 members were without power when an East Kentucky Power transmission line serving several substations lost power.

Outage numbers lowered substantially when power was restored to the transmission line. They began rising throughout the day, however, as snow fell from tree limbs, which caused the tree limbs to hit electric lines, resulting in additional outages.

By 3:30 p.m., there were more than 6,600 members without power, four broken electric poles and crews had repairs to complete at 340 outage sites. Jackson Energy received support from 17 additional crews from other cooperatives and electric contractors to assist line techs with repairs.

This is a major outage and it will take some time to make all the repairs. Jackson Energy cannot provide an estimate of when repairs will be made at specific locations at this time. During a major outage, repairs must first be made to large feeder lines before moving on to small lines and individual lines. We will restore power as safely and quickly as possible. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this major snow storm.