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Appliance Rebates

Appliance Recycling


You call and we haul... Jackson Energy offers an appliance recycling program for old refrigerators and freezers. Residential members can earn a $50 rebate and a contractor will come and pick up the appliance. To recycle a refrigerator or freezer, call 1-844-HAUL4ME (428-5463).


In order to qualify for the rebate, the refrigerator or freezer must be the following standards:

• Appliance is owned by a residential member of Jackson Energy.

• Refrigerator or freezer is between 7.75 and 30 cubic feet.

• Appliance must be plugged in and running when the ARCA employee arrives.

• Appliance must be empty and have a clear path for removal.

• Appliance must be picked up from the address listed for the member’s billing account.


There is a limit of two recycling rebate incentives per calendar year for each co-op member. When you call the toll-free number, arrangements will be made to schedule a pick up time and you will receive your rebate check about four weeks after the appliance is picked up.



Energy Star Appliance rebate


Jackson Energy also offers rebates on some Energy Star appliances purchased after January 1, 2015 to residential members. The appliance will have an Energy Star® logo on the appliance or on the appliance information or packaging. Members can also visit the U.S. Department of Energy website to find a list of certified products - .


Only the following Energy Star® appliances qualify for a rebate - heat pump water heater, refrigerator, clothes washer, freezer, dishwasher and heat pumps.


Rebates are:


Heat pump water heater - $300                                                        

Refrigerator - $100

Clothes washer - $75

Freezer - $50

Dishwasher - $50

Air-source heat pump or air conditioner - $300 


Split systems, which are the most common heat pumps, shall be 15 SEER or greater, with HSPF greater than 8.5. Package systems shall be 15 SEER or greater, with HSPF greater than 8.2. 



Residential members must have a copy of their proof of purchase to send with the application, and the appliance must have been purchased after January 1, 2015. A copy of the AHRI certificate is required for the heat pump rebate.


To file for your Energy Star rebate, have your Jackson Energy account number ready and click on the link below:


Energy Star online rebate application form


Forms are also available in Jackson Energy offices.



To download a copy of the Energy Star Heat Pump Rebate form, click here. 


To download c copy of the Energy Star Appliance Rebate from, click here.


To check the status of your rebate, click the link below: